z.network is a team of freelancers within PR and communication. We help brands reach out in a smart way. With a wide network in The Nordics, we find the best possible team for each and every mission.

When brands need to transform, so should the communication. z.network was founded in spring 2020 – during the ongoing corona crisis. We realized there is a need of communication that is more accessible yet professional. So we created a network of skills we believe in. 


z.network is specialized within PR, branding, social media and events. Our vision is to support our brands with effective communication in a smarter way. And yea, we focus a little extra on the Z:as. Those who will actually run your company and buy your products tomorrow. They have much to say (and so have we) - read more on the blog.


z.network was founded by Sara Valtersson and Hannah Resare Monsén.